City Council (9/30/21)

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STARS Award: Bobby Leathers, Matthew Miles, and Bo Smith 00:05:35

Consent Agenda 00:07:00

1.FY 2022 City Manager Approved Budget Amendments(Finance) 2.Community Investment Program Funds Transfer(Finance) 3.Retail Liquor Certificateof Compliance–Georgetown Wine & Spirits –Ownership Change(Finance) 4.Retail Liquor Certificate of Compliance –University Liquor and Wine –Ownership Change (Finance) 5.Wine Sales Certificate of Compliance –Mapco Express #3407(Finance) 6.Purchase of Turnout Gear (Fire Rescue) 7.East Main Street Banner Request: St. Clair Senior Center (Parks) 8.MTR Maintenance Agreement for Police Department Copy Machines(Police) 9.Mandatory Referral for Drainage Easement Abandonment on Pathfinder Drive(Planning) 10.Amendment to the Contract with Precision Delta(Police) 11.Employee Assistant Program Service Agreement with LifeServices EAP(Police) 12.Purchase of Steel Pedestrian Barricades(Police) 13.Contract Extension with Trucker’s Lighthouse, Inc. for Police Vehicle Equipment (Police) 14.Asphalt and Concrete Purchase Report(Street) 15.Contract for Concept Planning forPublic Works South(Street) 16.Award Recommendation for ITB(Street) 17.Amendment 3 TripSpark Agreement(Transportation)Minutes 18.Approval of City Council Minutes August 19-September 2, 2021(Finance)

19. Ordinance 21-OZ-20 Rezoning property along West Northfield Boulevard (2nd and final reading) (Planning) 00:08:29

21. Corrections to Clari Park PUD Pattern Book (Planning) 00:10:47

New Business 00:13:59

Ordinance 00:14:03

Land Use Matters 00:16:03

23. Rezoning property north of Mercury Boulevard (Planning) 00:16:23

a. Public Hearing: Rezoning approximately 17.5 acres 00:17:14

24. Planning Commission Recommendations for Public Hearings (Planning) 00:37:23

On Motion 00:37:59

25. Agreement for Intergovernmental Services (Administration) 00:38:01

26. Purchase of Replacement Pumper Truck (Fire Rescue) 00:39:30

27. Purchase of Replacement Ladder Truck (Fire Rescue) 00:39:48

28. Purchase of New Vehicles (Fire Rescue) 00:40:11

29. Contract Extension with the Department of Veterans Affairs (Fire Rescue) 00:40:53

30. Purchase of School Buses (Schools) 00:44:47

31. Purchase of Ford F150 and Explorer (Solid Waste) 00:47:24

32. Purchase of Rehrig Carts (Solid Waste) 00:48:13

33. Purchase of Automated Side Loader Truck (Solid Waste) 00:50:02

34. Purchase of Stormwater Piping for Drainage Improvements (Street) 00:51:01

Other Business 00:51:51

Licensing 00:53:02

Board & Commission Appointments 00:53:53

35. Disciplinary Review Board 00:53:55

Payment of Statements 00:54:23

Adjournment 00:57:29