City Council (4/7/22)

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PRAYER Mr. Shawn Wright 00:02:06


Ceremonial Items Proclamation: Leading Ladies of Rutherford County; Fair Housing Month; National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week 00:04:37

Recognition: Cameron L. Mitchell, Murfreesboro 2022 Poet Laureate 00:17:31

Consent Agenda 1. Barge Design Solutions Work Authorization Amendment 2 (Airport) 2. Tennessee Aeronautics Division Pavement Maintenance Project (Airport) 3. Amendment to Kimley-Horne Agreement for Patterson Park Master Plan (Parks) 4. McFadden Basketball Court Fencing (Parks) 5. Donation of Tactical Body Armor and Helmets to Blount County Law Enforcement Training Academy (Police) 6. Approval for City-wide Car Wash Services (Purchasing) 7. Approval of use of Competitive Sealed Proposals for Financial Consultant Services for ARPA Grant Fund (Purchasing) 8. Approval of use of Competitive Sealed Proposals for IT Consultant Services (Purchasing) 9. Approval of use of Competitive Sealed Proposals for Low-Voltage Communication Cabling Services (Purchasing) 10. Asphalt Purchases Report (Water Resources) 11. Granular Activated Carbon First Amendment (Water Resources) 12. Water/Wastewater Mechanical/Electrical Services Contract Task Order No. 22-03 (Water Resources) 13. Cherry Ln. Pump Station Study-CIA Engineering Proposal (Water Resources) 00:21:06

Minutes 14. City Council Minutes March 9, through March 17, 2022 (Finance) 00:21:32

New Business Resolution 15. Resolution 22-R-09: FY22 Budget Amendments #6 (Schools) 00:21:55

Land Use Matters 16. Plan of Services, Annexation, and Zoning for property along NW Broad Street (Planning) a. Public Hearing: Plan of Services and Annexation b. Plan of Services: Resolution 22-R-PS-02 c. Annexation: Resolution 22-R-A-02 d. Public Hearing: Zone 258.8 acres e. First Reading: Ordinance 22-OZ-02 00:27:39

17. Correcting the Zoning Boundary for the Oakland Court PRD (Planning) a. First Reading: Ordinance 19-OZ-33 01:27:39

18. Planning Commission Recommendations for Public Hearings (Planning) 01:29:36

On Motion 19. Overall Creek FEMA LOMR Supplemental Services (Development Services) 01:30:56

20. Siegel Indoor Training Facility Netting and Padding (Parks) 01:32:40

21. Temporary Flow Monitoring Study Basin MF08 (Water Resources) 01:35:22

22. Resident Project Representative for Overall Creek Pump Station (Water Resources) 01:37:32

23. Water/Wastewater Mechanical/Electrical Services Contract Task Order No. 22-02 (Water Resources) 01:39:06

24. Request for Sewer Variance: 285 N Rutherford Blvd. Apts (NRB) (Water Resources) 01:41:14

Licensing 01:42:34

Board & Commission Appointments 01:43:47

Payment of Statements 01:43:48

Other Business 01:43:50

Adjournment 01:45:29