Board of Zoning Appeals (4/27/22)

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1. Call to order 00:00:57

2. Determination of a quorum 00:01:08

3. Consideration of minutes for the regular meeting on March 23, 2022 00:01:17

4. New Business Special Use Permit Request a. Application Z-22-006 by Absolute Fireworks, represented by Julie Smith, is requesting a special use permit to operate a temporary outdoor vending establishment (seasonal fireworks retailer) in the parking lot of an existing commercial shopping center, zoned Commercial Highway (CH) located at 131 Cason Lane. (Project Planner: Joel Aguilera). 00:01:35

b. Application Z-22-008 by New Vision Baptist Church, represented by Caitlin Paul of Catalyst Design Group, is requesting a special use permit for a 25,680 square-foot building addition to an institutional group assembly use, zoned Single Family Residential (RS-15) located at 1750 North Thompson Lane. (Project Planner: Joel Aguilera). 00:11:02

5. Staff Reports and Other Business 00:25:06

6. Adjourn 00:25:13