City Council (5/26/22)

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PRAYER Mr. Ronnie Martin 00:02:42


Consent Agenda 1. FY22 City Manager Approved Budget Amendments (Finance) 2. Report of New Debt Obligation (Finance) 3. Change Order No. 1 for Construction Contract with ClearSpan Fabric Structures International (Parks) 4. Change Order No. 4 to Construction Contract with Warner’s Athletic (Parks) 5. Conveyance of Retired Police K9 (Police) 6. Purchase of 3D Scene Mapping Equipment (Police) 7. Generator Preventative Maintenance Contract (Street) 00:06:16

Minutes 8. Minutes of City Council Meetings April 27th through May 5, 2022 (Finance) 00:06:36

New Business Budget Matters 9. FY23 Public Hearing and Related Ordinances (Administration) a. Public Hearing: Adoption of Proposed FY23 Budget 00:06:58

b. First Reading: Ordinance 22-O-11 00:08:42

Land Use Matters 10. Planning Commission Recommendations to Schedule Public Hearings (Planning) 00:51:41

On Motion 11. American Rescue Plan Act Financial Consultant Agreement (Finance) 00:52:43

12. Professional Services Contract – St. Andrews Dr. (Engineering) 00:53:53

13. Purchase of Public Safety Network Equipment (Police) 00:55:27

14. Amendment to Radio System Maintenance Agreement (Police) 00:57:07

15. Purchase of Administration Building for Murfreesboro Water Resources Department (Water Resources) 00:58:38

Licensing 01:02:18

Payment of Statements 01:02:54

Board & Commission Appointments 01:02:56

Other Business 01:03:00

Adjournment 01:05:14