Board of Zoning Appeals (7/27/22)

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1. Call to order 00:01:06

2. Determination of a quorum 00:01:15

3. Nominations and Elections a. Nomination and Election of Vice-Chair 00:01:22

4. Consideration of minutes for the regular meeting on June 22, 2022 00:02:00

5. New Business: Special Use Permit Request a. Application Z-22-010 by Christal Lucas Adcock, requesting a Special Use Permit for a Home Occupation (a beauty shop) on property in a Single-Family Residential (RS-15) district located at 1103 East Rye Court. (Project Planner: Brad Barbee) 00:02:16

b. Application Z-22-021 by Mr. Matt Taylor of SEC, Inc., for Middle Tennessee Christian School, requesting a Special Use Permit for the expansion of an existing institutional group assembly use (a private school) on property located in a Single- Family Residential (RS-15) zone located at 100 East MTCS Road. The Special Use Permit consists of the placement of two portable classroom buildings to be removed from the property no later than July 31st, 2024. (Project Planner: Joel Aguilera) 00:07:43

6. Staff Reports and Other Business 00:16:49