City Council (9/22/22)

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PRAYER Mr. Bill Shacklett 00:02:31


CEREMONIAL ITEMS STARS Award: Officer Lance Hofmeister 00:04:57

Consent Agenda 00:11:38

Old Business 00:12:33

Land Use Matters 00:12:34

16. Ordinance 22-OZ-26 Rezoning property along Franklin Road (2nd and final reading) (Planning) 00:12:35

17. Ordinance 22-OZ-27 Rezoning property along Wilkerson Pike (2nd and final reading) 00:12:53

18. Ordinance 22-OZ-28 Plan of Services, Annexation, and Zoning for property along Elam Road and Joe B Jackson Parkway (2nd and final reading) 00:13:11

New Business 00:13:45

19. Apartment Bifurcation Policy (Water Resources) First Reading: Ordinance 22-O-25 00:17:59

20. Removal of Three Rivers Special Sanitary Sewer Assessment District (Water Resources) First Reading: Ordinance 22-O-30 00:18:38

21. FY23 Budget Amendment (Administration) First Reading: Ordinance 22-O-37 00:21:35

22. Amend Procurement Code (Legal) First Reading: Ordinance 22-O-38 00:21:41

Resolution 23. Resolution 22-R-22 Signal Maintenance Agreement for Medical Center Parkway and I-24 Exit Ramp Signalization (Transportation) 00:21:52

24. Plan of Services, Annexation, and Zoning for property along Highway 99 a. Public Hearing: Plan of Services and Annexation 00:23:02

Land Use Matters 00:23:02

b. Plan of Services: Resolution 22-R-PS-18 00:29:35

c. Annexation: Resolution 22-R-A-18 01:12:41

d. Public Hearing: Zone 68.25 acres 01:12:59

e. First Reading: Ordinance 22-OZ-18 01:37:23

25. Zoning property along Blackman Road and Veterans Parkway (Planning) a. Public Hearing: Zone 89.2 acres 01:53:42

b. First Reading: Ordinance 22-OZ-32 01:58:57

26. Zoning property along Medical Center Parkway and West College Street (Planning) 3 a. Public Hearing: Rezone 51.9 acres 01:59:32

b. First Reading: Ordinance 22-OZ-33 02:02:14

28. Sewer Allocation Variance- Agripark Drive – Arden Senior Living (Planning) 02:05:38

29. Sewer Allocation Variance- Franklin Road – Hwy 55 Restaurant (Planning) 02:08:05

30. Planning Commission Recommendations to Schedule Public Hearings (Planning) 02:09:38

On Motion 31. Contract for Renovations to Fire Station No. 3 (Administration) 02:10:41

32. Contract for Emergency Operations Center Renovations (Administration) 02:12:21

33. Health Benefits Service Agreements for 2023 (Employee Services) 02:13:35

34. Agreement with FARO Technologies for the Purchase of 3D Scene Mapping Equipment (Police) 02:17:01

35. Contracts with Ford of Murfreesboro for the Purchase of New Police Vehicles (Police) 02:17:55

36. Agreement with Code One Safety for Procurement of AEDs (Police) 02:19:09

37. Purchase of two Brush Hawk Knuckle Loader Trucks (Solid Waste) 02:19:58

38. Agreement Between TDOT and the City regarding the I-24 Smart Corridor Project (Transportation) 02:21:20

39. International Dump Truck Purchase (Water Resources) 02:22:39

40. Jet/Vacuum Sewer Cleaner Purchase (Water Resources) 02:23:23

Licensing 02:24:26

Board & Commission Appointments 02:25:14

41. Cable Commission 02:25:14

Payment of Statements 02:25:52

Other Business 02:25:55

Adjournment 02:27:14