City Council (11/3/22)

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PRAYER 1. Mayor McFarland 00:04:16


Consent Agenda 2. Affordable Housing Program - Legacy Pointe Development (Community Development) 3. Accept Donation of Property for Future Right of Way (Development Services) 4. FY 2023 City Manager Approved Budget Amendments (Finance) 5. Purchase of Air Cylinders and Frames (Fire Rescue) 6. Contract for Repairs to Patterson Pool (Parks) 7. Amended Joint Use Agreement with CUD for Tower Site (Police) 8. Transit Agency Safety Plan Update (Transportation) 9. Contract with TDOT for FY23 Operating Assistance (Transportation) 10. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. Sidewalk Project Phase 2 Acquisition Services (Transportation) 11. Architectural Services for MWRD Administration Building (Water Resources) 12. Asphalt Purchases Report (Water Resources) 13. Asphalt and Concrete Purchase Report (Street) 00:05:15

New Business Land Use Matters 14. Zoning property along North Thompson Lane (Planning) a. Public Hearing: Zone 30 acres 00:05:42

b. First Reading: Ordinance 22-OZ-39 00:13:48

15. Zoning property along Burnt Knob Road (Planning) a. Public Hearing: Zone 116.7 acres 00:16:09

b. First Reading: Ordinance 22-OZ-40 00:20:38

16. Zoning property along Veterans Parkway (Planning) a. Public Hearing: Zone 149 acres 00:20:53

b. First Reading: Ordinance 22-OZ-41 00:25:45

17. Sewer Allocation Variance- 1345 Wenlon Dr. – Social Murph Apts. (Planning) 00:26:13

On Motion 18. MED Pension Plan Amendment (Legal) 00:30:31

19. Purchase of Police Vehicles from Ford of Murfreesboro (Police) 00:32:15

20. Acquire 3895 Sulphur Springs Road for Cherry Lane Phase III (Transportation) 00:33:08

21. SSR Task Order for Water Resource Recovery Facility Standby Power Improvement Project 1 (Water Resources) 00:34:43

22. Purchase of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Servers (Water Resources) 00:35:56

23. Full-Scale Biosolids Thermal Dryer Engineering Design Task Order (Water Resources) 00:37:56

Board & Commission Appointments 00:41:49

Licensing 00:41:55

Payment of Statements 00:42:25

Other Business 00:42:27

Adjourn 00:43:12