City Council (3/16/23) [cc]


PRAYER Mr. Austin Maxwell 00:02:31


Consent Agenda 1. Purchase of Uniforms, Clothing, and Equipment (Fire Rescue) 2. Donation of Pumper Truck (Fire Rescue) 3. Asphalt and Concrete Purchase Report (Street) 00:08:47

New Business Resolution 5. Resolution 23-R-06 Property Purchase for Murfreesboro City Schools Pre-K Program (Administration) 00:09:12

Old Business Ordinance 4. FY 23 Budget Amendment Ordinance (2nd and Final Reading) (Administration) a. Approve Amendment b. 2nd and Final Reading Ordinance 23-O-11 00:15:35

6. Resolution 23-R-07 Charter Amendment to Permit Creation of a Solid Waste Authority (Administration) 00:16:18

On Motion 7. Amendment to Insight Agreement for Microsoft Enterprise Products (Information Technology) 00:19:50

8. Relocation Payment – Cherry Lane III (Transportation) 00:21:13

Board & Commission Appointments 00:22:15

Licensing 00:22:19

Payment of Statements 00:22:46

Other Business 00:22:50

Adjourn 00:23:17

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