City Council (6/29/23) [cc]


PRAYER Mr. Bill Shacklett 00:02:39


CEREMONIAL ITEMS Proclamation: Dr. Alphonse Carter STARS Awards: Benny Barrett; Todd Fischer; Carman Walls 00:09:27

Consent Agenda 1. FY19 and FY21 CIP Funds Reallocated for Airport Gate B Access Road (Admin) 2. Wine Sales Certificate of Compliance - Aldi #102 (Finance) 3. Mandatory Referral for Abandonment of a portion of a Water Line Easement along Burgess Street (Planning) 4. Mandatory Referral for Sanitary Sewer Easement Abandonment and Dedication Southeast of Racquet Club Drive (Planning) 5. Mandatory Referral for Abandonment of Alley Right-of-Way West of Kings Highway (Planning) 6. Mandatory Referral for Dedication of Electric Easement along Robert Rose Drive (Planning) 7. Mandatory Referral for Abandonment of Right-of-Way and Utility Easement Along Ashers Fork Drive (Planning) 8. Approval of Request For Competitive Sealed Proposals (RFCSPs) for Departments (Purchasing) 9. Contract with TDOT for Preventive Maintenance Expenses (Transportation) 00:16:55

Old Business Ordinance 10. Ordinance 23-O-23 Termination of Osborne Lane Special Sanitary Sewer Assessment District (Water Resources) a. Second Reading: Ordinance 23-O-23 00:17:36

Minutes 00:17:38

New Business Land Use Matters 11. Sewer Allocation Variance- Old Fort Parkway – Hotel (Planning) 00:17:57

12. Sewer Allocation Variance- Manchester Pike – Gas Station (Planning) 00:19:29

13. Sewer Allocation Variance- New Salem Highway – Commercial Development (Planning) 00:21:57

14. Sewer Allocation Variance – East Main Street – Dapper Owl (Planning) 00:23:07

On Motion 15. MCS PreK Parking Lot Maintenance (Admin) 00:24:20

16. Purchase of Two New Trucks (Fire Rescue) 00:25:59

17. Work Authorization #5 Old Fort Ballpark and Parking Lot Renovations (Parks) 00:27:20

18. Contract to Purchase Replacement Transit Buses (Transportation) 00:28:27

19. FY24 Personnel Budget Amendment (Water Resources) 00:30:44

Board & Commission Appointments 20. Board of Zoning Appeals (Admin) 00:33:03

21. Historic Zoning Commission (Admin) 00:34:07

22. Planning Commission (Admin) 00:34:42

Licensing 23. Beer Permits (Finance) 00:35:12

Payment of Statements 00:35:57

Other Business 00:36:00

Adjourn 00:42:39

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