Parks and Recreation (1/5/22)

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Call to Order 00:01:30

Prayer and Pledge 00:01:45

Consider for Approval the Minutes of the November 3, 2021, Murfreesboro Parks and Recreation Commission meeting 00:03:35

New Business 00:04:10

I. Introduction of Lareko Flowers 00:04:15

II. MPRD Finance Report 00:06:28

III. Consideration of 2022 MPRD Facility Calendar 00:08:39

IV. Consideration of Boro Beach Fees 00:10:30

V. Consideration of Professional Bird Species Survey 00:12:19

VI. Consideration of Nature in the Wild Art Show and Fair 00:27:18

VII. Consideration of Community Babysitting Program 00:29:06

VIII. Consideration of Daddy-Daughter Dance 00:31:49

X. Update on MPRD Programs and Events 00:34:49

Other Business 00:46:18

Adjournment 00:46:20