Board of Zoning Appeals (6/22/22)

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1. Call to order 00:02:10

2. Determination of a quorum 00:02:20

3. Consideration of minutes for the regular meeting on April 27, 2022 00:02:35

4. New Business Variance Request a. Application Z-22-009 by Paul and Jessica Seegert is requesting two variances from the Zoning Ordinance: Section 24, Article VI (D)(1.b) front setback based on the average block face requiring 26 feet to allow 13 feet, and Chart 2 requiring a rear setback of 20-feet to allow 13 feet, in a RS-4 zone located at 203 Hancock Street. (Project Planner: Brad Barbee). 00:02:53

Special Use Permit Request b. Application Z-22-020 by Fellowship Bible Church, represented by Matt Taylor of SEC, Inc., is requesting a special use permit for the expansion of an existing institutional group assembly use to install an 8,190 square-foot temporary modular building for use by a private school grades Kindergarten through 12 in conjunction with the existing church, in a RS-15 zone located at 4236 Veterans Parkway. (Project Planner: Joel Aguilera). 00:12:56

5. Staff Reports and Other Business 00:25:57

6. Adjourn 00:26:16