City Council (6/30/22)

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PRAYER Mayor Shane McFarland 00:01:14


Consent Agenda 1. FY22 City Manager Approved Budget Amendments (Finance) 2. Community Investment Program Funds Transfer (Finance) 3. Retail Liquor Certificate of Compliance Beer & Liquor Depot Ownership Change (Finance) 4. Fox Collection Agency Amendment (Judicial) 5. Purchase of Westlaw Subscription from Thomson Reuters (Legal) 6. Approval of State Maintenance Contract for FY23 (Street) 7. Asphalt and Concrete Purchase Report (Street) 8. Task Order for Cityworks Asset Management System (AMS) Implementation (Water Resources) 00:02:17

Old Business Ordinance 9. Ordinance 22-O-12 FY23 Tax Rate (Administration) a. Second and Final Reading: Ordinance 22-O-12 00:02:41

Land Use Matters 10. Ordinance 22-O-13 Amending the Zoning Ordinance (Planning) a. Second and Final Reading: Ordinance 22-O-13 00:03:06

11. Ordinance 22-OZ-17 Rezoning Property along Medical Center Parkway (Planning) a. First Reading: Ordinance 22-OZ-17 00:03:49

New Business Ordinance 12. Ordinance 22-O-24 Removal of Accessible Sewer Charges (Water) a. First Reading: Ordinance 22-O-24 01:02:13

Resolution 13. Adopt Revision of the Rutherford County Hazard Mitigation Plan (Fire) a. Resolution 20-R-02 01:03:50

14. Ratifying Charter Amendment to Create Community Investment Trust (Legal) a. Resolution 22-R-19 01:04:41

Land Use Matters 15. Sewer Allocation Variance 285 N. Rutherford Blvd Albion Residential (Planning) 01:10:19

On Motion 16. Contract Approval–City Hall Parking Garage Sprinkler Renovation Phase 2 (Administration) 01:14:35

18. Lease Termination and Release – 2140 North Thompson Lane (Administration) 01:16:18

19. Development Agreement with Notes Live, Inc. (Administration) 01:17:21

20. Community Development 2022-2023 Annual Action Plan (Community Development) 01:57:31

21. ClearSpan Fabric Structures Change Order No 2 for Soccer Park (Parks) 02:05:07

22. Purchase of Roll-Off Truck (Solid Waste) 02:08:31

Licensing 02:10:08

Board & Commission Appointments 02:10:14

23. Parks and Recreation Commission 02:10:15

24. Water and Sewer Board 02:10:16

Payment of Statements 02:10:52

Other Business 02:10:54

Adjournment 02:11:43